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Tag: Dr. Peter Eltsov

The Long Telegram 2.0: A Neo-Kennanite Approach to Russia Current

Dr. Peter Eltsov | The Long Telegram 2.0: A Neo-Kennanite Approach to Russia lays out an original argument for understanding Russia that goes deep into its history, starting with the tri-partite dictum “orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality,” formulated in 1833 by count Sergey Uvarov. The author explores Uvarov’s triad in the context of modern Russia, adding five more traits: exceptionalism, expansionism, historical primordialism, worship of the military, and glorification of suffering.

From Harappa to Hastinapura: A Study of the Earliest South Asian City and Civilization (American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series) Current

Dr. Peter Eltsov | This volume revisits the controversial issues of continuity and great tradition in protohistoric and early historic south Asia from a novel and provocative analytical perspective. It investigates the phenomena of the city and civilization in Bronze and Iron Age south Asia from the point of view of archaeology and ancient Indian literature.