Welcome to the CISA Alumni Network!

CISA Alumni Network

 Greetings CISA Alumni:

Welcome to the CISA Alumni network!  It is my pleasure to be your point of contact to NDU and CISA as you continue on to the next stage of your career. Please remember that the faculty, staff, and administration are here for you as a resource.  We hope that you will want to stay engaged with us and we will continue to provide opportunities for you to stay connected to your former professors, classmates, and other members of the alumni network. Each year, we will host an annual alumni security seminar all over the globe and every four years you will be invited to participate in the NDU Quadrennial here in Washington, D.C. If you have specific questions or requests, please contact me at 202-685-3872 or faith.ssebikindu.civ@ndu.edu.

Best regards,

Ms. Faith Ssebikindu

Director of Outreach and Continuing Engagement