Tuition for these full-time programs and other non-degree programs are established by the student’s parent agency or department prior to arrival. Please inquire with CISA to determine the current tuition rate.

Admissions- Ft. McNair

As CISA is part of the U.S. Department of Defense, students applying for admission must meet NDU's admissions requirements. CISA does not directly accept applications. Foreign applicants who are members of international military agencies, particularly those interested in the Regional Defense Fellowship Program (RDFP), must apply through their respective government or military service. Most international students who attend the college are the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to Brigadier General (O-5 to O-7) or civilian equivalent.

Admissions- Ft. Liberty

The College of International Security Affairs works closely with the US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School to identify potential students for the program based at Fort Liberty.


The program is open to all Active Duty Special Operations branches. SFC and above enlisted, CW3 and CW4 warrant officers and Captains and Majors (promotable) commissioned officers with a Bachelors Degree from a regionally accredited institution are encouraged to apply.

The Directorate of Regional Studies and Education at the U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School is the point of contact for selection and accession for the Strategic Security Studies Program. Applicants must be Active Duty; Officers - Captains to Major (promotable), Warrant Officers - CW3 - CW4, NCOs - SFC - SGM. NCOs must not have more than 22 years of active federal service as of report date to College of International Security Affairs.

Application Materials

To request admission to the College of International Security Affairs at National Defense University, please submit the following material to the Directorate of Regional Studies and Education at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School:

1.  An application form. 

Click here to download. Be sure to indicate to which program you are applying.

2.  Complete academic transcript(s) from all previously attended colleges and universities. Please be prepared to submit official transcripts to the College of International Security Affairs Registrar's office.

A transcript is official when it is submitted to the CISA Admissions Office in an envelope which is university issued and sealed by the university’s Registrar’s office, or, requested from the appropriate Registrar and returned to you, and included unopened in the self-assembled application packet for mailing. Transcripts that have been opened or photocopied are not considered official.

Foreign transcripts require an embossed seal on a duplicate of the official transcript, or a copy of the official transcript that is certified. Transcripts issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Transcripts should show the name of each course taken and the grade received as well as the year/semester in which it was taken.

All materials received for admission become the property of CISA and cannot be returned to a student, photocopied for outside use or forwarded to another institution.

3.  Officer Record Brief/Enlisted Record Brief

4.  Last Three Evaluation Reports

5.  Statement of Purpose

In 250-500 words, please explain your motivation for graduate study at the College of International Security Affairs and describe your academic objectives, research interests and career plans. Assess your academic and professional achievements, emphasizing acquired skills and experiences that have enhanced your capabilities to undertake advanced studies in international security studies.

6.  Letter of Release 

Please include a letter of release signed by the first O-6 in the chain of command.