To the Members of the Class of 2023:

Welcome to the College of International Security Affairs at National Defense University in Washington, D.C. and Ft. Bragg, NC. We are excited to have you here. Check back in the coming months as updates will be posted here as well as links to training to accomplish prior to arrival, and, as we gather them, answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For more information, visit the National Defense University's incoming student page.  Please see the welcome letters and orientation schedule below:

CISA Chancellor Welcome Letter

CISA Dean of Students Welcome Letter

AY22-23 Orientation Schedule



Reporting Instructions

CISA students should report to on Monday, August 01 2022 for student orientation for Ft. McNair and Monday, August 08 2022 for Ft. Bragg.

Check-In Information

Army: Contact CISA Army Service Chair, Colonel Jon Griese at jon.d.griese.mil@ndu.edu prior to signing out of your closing command. Duty uniform is Class B.  Army students will meet with Colonel Griese during the first week of the academic year.

Air Force: Contact CISA Air Force Service Chair, Col Laurinda Reifsteck at l.m.reifsteck.mil@ndu.edu prior to departing your losing command. Early reporting guidance and NDU Air Force student orientation timelines are available in the NDU reporting instructions. Uniform is short sleeve blue shirt.

Navy: Contact CISA Navy Chair, CDR Randolph Chestang at randolph.chestang.mil@ndu.edu.

Marine Corps: Contact CISA Marine Corps Chair, Colonel Wayne Zuber at wayne.zuber.mil@ndu.edu.

DoD Civilians: Not required to sign-in until the first day of in-processing on Monday 01 August. Dress code for in-processing is business.

Non-DOD Civilians: Contact Colonel Wayne Zuber, Dean of Students at wayne.zuber.mil@ndu.edu.

Information Technology

All students should bring their own laptops. CISA suggests the following devices:

  • Laptop not older than 2-3 years, OS Windows 7,8,10, OS X El Capitan or later
    • Please be aware that devices bought in foreign countries may not work on the NDU wireless network. If you are living outside the U.S., it is highly recommended that you wait to purchase a laptop until you arrive in the US.
  • Tablets, such as iPads and Microsoft Surface devices.
    • Please note that assignment formatting functionality will be limited on tablet operating systems- such as the iPad's iOS Version 9.3.1, or Microsoft Windows RT 8 (used on many Surface tablets & other laptops). The Microsoft Office applications for tablets do not have full formatting functionality needed for student papers and the thesis.
    • On Windows RT 8, certain eBooks are not downloadable, since Adobe Digital Editions cannot be downloaded and installed using that operating system.
    • Tablets are acceptable for daily classroom use, but a laptop or desktop computer are needed for certain occasions, such as assignment submission.
    • Computers are available for use (CAC access only) in the NDU Library, located in Marshall Hall on the second floor.

Most modern tablets running either Android or Apple iOS will be able to connect to the campus wireless network.

NDU has a wireless network, and a secure enterprise wired network. Students will receive a wireless network account allowing their use of their devices throughout the school and library. Students can request accounts to access the wired enterprise network. The library’s .mil cafĂ© is open to students who need access to restricted .mil domains.

Students should bring their relatively new laptop or tablet to the In-Processing in August. Word processing will be available through the Microsoft Office365 platform. NDU recommends student devices be loaded with Microsoft Office or Open Office to allow for offline work, however it should be noted that MS Office is strongly preferred. Students should also protect their personal devices with anti-virus software appropriate for their device.

More information about the NDU technology and computing environment is available on the NDU Incoming Students Web site.