CISA strives to produce graduates who think strategically and are able to:

  • Understand the contemporary security environment, to include: terrorism, violent extremism, proliferation of WMD, crime and narco- trafficking, piracy, armed groups, and other sources of instability 
  • Create integrated and comprehensive strategies, policies (and laws), and campaign plans for addressing contemporary security challenges
  • Operate effectively across the broad spectrum of conflict, to include traditional war, hybrid contingencies, as well as against irregular and asymmetric threats or in counterinsurgency and stability operations
  • Anticipate emerging threats and evolving challenges; remain career-long learners
  • Integrate globally with a range of partners and lead teams as part of joint, inter-agency, multi-national, or international security efforts


The Faculty

CISA's faculty is uniquely positioned between academia and government, and focus on topics such as international security studies, irregular warfare, non-state actors, and combating terrorism. Our students learn to think strategically and to operate effectively in the complexity of the 21st century security environment. 

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