Full-Time Degree Programs

Combating Terrorism and Irregular Warfare Fellowship Program (CTIW)

Washington D.C.

The CTIW program is the flagship of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy's (Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict) worldwide combating terrorism educational portfolio and has produced over 600 graduates from 92 countries. During their stay in Washington, D.C., the CTIW Fellows engage in an intensive Master's degree coursework to include a thesis that addresses a specific security issue relevant to their area of operations, country or organization. To complement their academic coursework, students take part in a practicum where they visit government agencies to gain a better understanding of the U.S. national security decision-making process.

CISA Students at Lecture

South and Central Asia Program (SCAP)

Washington D.C.

Developed at the request of the Director of the Joint Staff and Commander, U.S. Central Command, SCAP supplements the on-the-ground experience of officers participating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands program with theoretical, analytical, and regional expertise in South and Central Asia. In this program, students hone their skills to think critically and to evaluate how local and regional, challenges affect U.S. strategy and policy and global security.

Joint Special Operations Master of Arts (JSOMA) Program

Fort Bragg, N.C.

Sponsored by U.S. Special Operations Command, this unique program draws upon the diverse experiences of officers, select non-commissioned officers, special operations forces, civil affairs, and warrant officers and educates these rising military leaders to understand and apply strategic-level analysis. This ten-month, Master of Arts and joint education program is located at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. For more information about the JSOMA program, click here.