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Tag: international relations

Restoring Thucydides: Testing Familiar Lessons and Deriving New Ones Current

Dr. Andrew Novo & Dr. Jay Parker | This book examines the use and misuse of historic evidence. It addresses the persistence of historic fact that has been surpassed by legend as well as the absence of consistent, diligent interdisciplinary scholarship. The authors Andrew R. Novo and Jay M. Parker demonstrate how rigor cannot be credible without some degree of richness. Standard conclusions are challenged based on the evidence within his work and the broader historical record. New lessons with modern relevance are drawn from a richer, fuller understanding of Thucydides.

Through Alternative Lenses Current

 Dr. Jay Parker, Daniel J. Kaufman, Patrick V. Howell | This book was designed as a companion to the theoretical text: Understanding International Relations: The Value of Alternative Lenses (UIR). UIR is primarily anchored on the concept of intellectual pluralism -- the use of multiple and competing lenses (perspectives) in explaining a single