Mr. Saminder Singh Dhindsa

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

Saminder Singh Dhindsa is currently the EA (Executive Assistant) to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the College of International Security Affairs (CISA), at the National Defense University (NDU). His duties include assisting the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, faculty, and staff in daily operations of CISA’s mission regarding administrative functions.

Saminder was born in Fairfax, VA. He attended George Mason University, where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Cyber Security in December of 2021. In his last semester at GMU, he held a position at Amazon Web Services as a data technician. In April of 2022, Saminder enlisted into the US Army with the Virginia Army National Guard in hopes to learn some of his dream skills in surviving different situations. He is attending AIT in 2023 to become a 25B, an IT Specialist within the US Army. He has been a social media promoter for the National Guard.

Saminder is a people person and loves to hear and learn from others’ experiences. He has performed music on a variety of stages including: The White House, The Kennedy Center, The Ronald Reagan Building of International Trade, and a stage in the Himalayas. He has also danced on the legendary stage in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall with his team and won 1st place at a competition. Saminder was one of George Mason University’s dance team’s captain from 2019-2022.