Dr. David Hadley

Associate Professor of International Security Studies


Ph.D., History, The Ohio State University

M.A., History, The Ohio State University

B.A., History, Gettysburg College


Research Interests

  • U.S. Intelligence and Military History
  • Congressional Oversight of National Security 
  • Culture and National Security 

David Hadley is a historian whose research focuses on the intersection of national security and culture, especially focused on the ways in which media coverage and competing cultural and political narratives impact the security environment. His dissertation, later expanded into his first book, The Rising Clamor, examined the relationships that developed between the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. print media during the early decades of the CIA’s existence, and the impact of those relationships on the evolution of the CIA and the U.S. public’s understanding of intelligence activity. He is currently researching the evolution of Congressional oversight of intelligence and special operations.

David received his doctoral degree in history from the Ohio State University, and for the past three years has been a visiting assistant professor at Ashland University. He has also been active in the Ashbrook Center, taking part in educational initiatives designed to strengthen the teaching of American history.