Dr. Peter Eltsov

Associate Professor

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Peter Eltsov is an anthropologist, historian, and political scientist. He has lived and worked throughout Eurasia, including politically volatile regions of Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the Northern Caucasus. Prior to NDU, he held positions at Free University in Berlin, the Library of Congress, Harvard University, and Wellesley College. He has published in anthropology, philology, and international affairs both in academic and mainstream venues and provided numerous commentaries for the media. His first book explores the complexities of the city and civilization in ancient South Asia (From Harappa to Hastinapura. Leiden: Brill 2008). His second book deals with Russia’s resurgent political identity (The Long Telegram 2.0. Lanham: Lexington Books 2019). In his current research, he is particularly interested in how competing interpretations of the past affect modern politics, including conflict and war.