Mr. David Wigmore

Visiting Faculty Member and National Counterterrorism Center Chair


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Presently serving as an Instructor in CISA's War and Conflict Studies Department, the National Counterterrorism Center's David Wigmore brings 20 years of government experience working at, for, and with military and civilian departments and agencies of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). This includes assignments in analysis, operations support, and program management in the mission space straddling foreign and domestic/Homeland threats. In 2007, he authored policy-impactful finished intelligence that received the attention of the President and led to the founding and managing of a counterterrorism and border security program. David shepherded the early effort through the National Security Council Deputies Committee, which ordered the program made permanent and expanded in 2008. This was followed by additional policy-impactful finished intelligence.

He is a 2011 IC Galileo innovation program finalist and in 2017, a national IC component awarded him $100,000 in seed money for an idea involving technological innovation. Mr. Wigmore has extensive experience in post-9/11/01 intelligence integration and interagency coordination between diplomatic, intelligence, law enforcement, and military partners. He completed his IC Joint Duty in 2014. A former U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum collections manager before joining the IC, he has a keen interest in fostering atrocity-prevention education. Mr. Wigmore co-authored a 2011 article in the CIA-published, peer-reviewed professional journal Studies in Intelligence, and contributed to a second article in 2016. In 2020, David was published in Tuft's University's Fletcher Forum of World Affairs and the Joint Force Quarterly. He is a 2019 NDU/CISA graduate and a former Fulbright Scholar.